We can help with transportation both to Sweden and from Sweden.

It is important that you have the original passport of the deceased.

You can find all our contact information here.

Rücktransport in die Heimat von Verstorbenen

Rücktransport in die Heimat von Schweden

We take care of all practical arrangements in connection with the return of foreigners who died in Sweden. We will help you with full repatriation services including contacts with embassies, translation services and flight booking.

We need the original passport of the deceased, the name and address of the recipient of the casket in the home country.

Rücktransport in die Heimat nach Schweden

We understand that it is a difficult time for next of kin when someone dies abroad and we can and want to help with all documents and practical arrangements when the deceased arrives in Sweden.

Notify the local funeral home or insurance company which of our offices you would like to handle the matter here in Sweden.

Please contact us if you have any questions.